00 One clic

Everything is just a click away, no complex branches.

01 Hypertextuality

Data is reciprocally linked throughout the system, allowing for greater relationships between data.

02 Simplicity

The interface is simple and easy to understand, does not require end user training.

03 Versatility

The system allows all kinds of formats for your data (videos, photos, flash, etc.)

04 Integration

SIMFOUR integrates the entire organization through a simple method of assigning and controlling tasks.

05 Traceability

The elements managed in SIMFOUR are absolutely traceable, without losses and with a vast associated history.

06 Connectivity

The web architecture allows the system to coexist in a direct relationship with any other system or create hyperlinks with its content..

07 Accordance

The system contains in itself the automatic conformity of several normative points of the most certified standards in the world, ensuring certification.

08 Cost

There are dramatic savings in man hours due to the automation of bureaucracy.

09 Control

Total control of the basic functions of quality, through the actions module.